Inflatable Signage Wall - Aflex's latest innovation!

Posted on April 27, 2016

Introducing our newest inflatable innovation - the Aflex Inflatable Signage Wall!

Developed in collaboration with high profile New Zealand Super Rugby Team, the Waikato Chiefs, our inflatable signage wall was developed to act as a barrier between the sportsfield and crowd while providing branding opportunities for sponsors.

  • Perfect for the sports field, concerts, events and endless other purposes!
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use PLUS the wall can be situated straight OR curved around an oval.
  • Netball, Basketball Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Football...the list goes on!
  • Unlike traditional board signage, the inflatable wall is soft and SAFE.
  • Innovative modular system with each 15m section able to be connected to another.
  • Any number of 15m sections can be linked together to create custom length barriers.
  • Constant airflow inflation system with one blower required per 45m of wall.
  • Highly visible way to get sponsors’ branding noticed!

View the Inflatable Signage Wall product listing here.

Pool inflatable - Inflatable Signage Wall - Aflex's latest innovation!
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