NEW Waterpark Combos from the Aflex Aqua Adventure Series!

Check out our range of modular inflatable waterpark combos from our Aqua Adventure Series!

We're taking the hard work out for you - now you have the option to choose from one of our standard combinations. Or, start with a standard combination as the basis of your waterpark and add/change/remove modules as you like!

Aflex waterparks are perfect for a wide range of open water locations including beachfronts and lakes, PLUS many of our modules are also suitable for commercial pools. You can trust that we will always work with you to make sure your waterpark is safe, fun and challenging for users - satisfaction guaranteed!

Read on to find out more about each of our Waterpark Combos!


A waterpark of epic proportions! Boasting two Action Towers, a Splash Over and multiple Re-entry Pods (Dual), the Epic waterpark takes fun to a whole new level.

36m (120') long x 40.5m (133') wide

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A challenging and fun loop for all ages, featuring the NEW Blob Drop, two Swings, our iconic Action Tower and many other fun obstacles!

44.5m (146’) long x 27m (88’) wide

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A fun linear challenge – Entry Pad, Tackle Bags and Action Tower, featuring a Re-entry Pod (Dual) to re-enter the course when you make a splash!

34m (112’) long x 8m (26’) wide

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Jump, slide, balance and splash on some of our most popular obstacles!

17m (58’) long x 16m (52’) wide

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Jump, splash then relax on this floating inflatable island.

19m (62’) long x 6.5m (21’) wide

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Dash over the obstacle to the finish then pick your path on the star raft!

18.5m (61’) long x 5m (16’) wide

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Jump from the giant Action Tower!

12m (39’) long x 8m (26’) wide

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Designed with obstacles that are safer in shallower water depths, the Shallow Water Loop has no shortage of challenge and fun!

24m (79’) long x 16m (53’) wide

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You can absolutely pick and choose your favourite modules from our Aqua Adventure Series to create your own custom waterpark! Or, discuss the details of your water space with us and we can design a custom waterpark to perfectly suit your location, budget and other specifications. Learn more about Custom Designs here.

Look no further than an Aflex inflatable waterpark to transform your location into a destination!

Contact us today for more information and for a copy of our latest catalogue.

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