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In 1993, Martin and Karen Stratford acquired a Canvas/PVC manufacturing business in Nelson, NZ. Innovative by nature, they sought to fabricate other, more creative, products.

“A friend asked Martin to make some inflatable play equipment to create some fun in his commercial pool”, Karen says. “Martin then designed our very first model “The Hurdles Fun Run” – and so our niche product was born!”

Hurdles Fun Run

 Martin has been designing creative inflatable products for different environments including private and commercial pools, open water and land uses. As well, Aflex designs and fabricates amazing customised products like the 600 metre Guinness World Record slide for the Live More Awesome Charity in Auckland.

We have inflatables to suit every facility and budget. Any of our designs can be customised to meet your needs and facility. We're happy to listen to your ideas or themes and create fun products. We do love a challenge!

What is it that makes Aflex Technology’s inflatables stand out from the rest?

 The answer is simple, we are passionate about inflatable fun and we've become specialists at designing and making aquatic inflatables for over 25 years. We are very proud of our high-quality standards, integrity and friendly customer care.

At the forefront of innovative design is our unique, Connecting Sleeve providing the simplest and fastest linkage system for your inflatable water park modules.

This unique sleeve is safe, strong and easy to use without buckles, straps or Velcro.  To see how easily they work, just watch the video below.


Aflex was also the first in our industry to create accessible, easy entry from the water, we're always slightly ahead of the inflatable curve!

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You supply the water, we supply the fun
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