Our Clients Say

Through our more than 25 years in business, we've worked with many of our clients time and time again and received much of our business through word of mouth and recommendation - a true test of quality and satisfaction.  See what our clients say below:

The inflatable has made the school holidays much brighter for the kids of Cooktown. It looks great and the kids loved it. Thank you so much for your support with this project.

Jenni James
Cook Shire Council, Queensland, Australia

Aflex Inflatables have delivered a means of active recreation which promotes agility, adrenaline, endurance...the dynamic of the equipment provides such entertaining wipeouts that even the ones who wipeout come up laughing!! We offer a daily session throughout the school holidays and during weekends. If we were to cancel a session, business for that day would be severely impacted. I would not operate a public pool without offering an Aflex inflatable session on the weekly schedule.

Ian Thomson
ANZAC Pool, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

I would highly recommend an Aflex floatable to any facility interested in purchasing a floatable system! They are durable, high quality, easy for the guards to set up and the customers that attend always enjoy the floatables set out whether it’s for a private or public event.

Ellen Danielson
Repsol Sport Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

What benefits has your business experienced since investing in Aflex inflatables? Increased staff engagement, Positive feedback from visitors. I found the purchasing process easy and the inflatable was custom made for our pool depth.

Tina Brough
Dudley Park Aquatic Centre, Rangiora, New Zealand

We have been absolutely blown away with the innovation and quality of the Aflex inflatables... its been great to see the developments of the products over the years and with our current inflatables especially we have been hugely impressed with the product evolution - big thanks to the design and manufacturing teams! The products are immensely attractive as well, and provide a wonderful aesthetic addition to the pool; they stand out and people notice them!

Pete Thompson
Splash Palace, Invercargill, New Zealand

Our customers enjoy the toys and large inflatables and the service from Aflex is always top quality. We have been getting inflatables from Aflex for over 10 years and they keep getting better.

Blair Haase
Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, Plymouth, New Zealand

Thank you for your fast dispatch and customer service. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone who requires these types of inflatables.

Michael Kean
Hobart Aquatic Centre, TAS, Australia

Thought it was time to give you an update on the Water Park. It has been a great success, cannot keep kids off it. It has given the guests a great place to go and have some fun. I was walking past the Kids Pool today and the children and parents were having a great time with the [sealed] inflatables that Karen brought up. Excellent product and even better service.

Mick Illingworth
Plantation Island Resort, Fiji

Thank you for our Ventura volleyball, we love it and so do our customers.

Emily Murphy
Geraldton Aquarena, WA, Australia

I'd like to thank the whole team at Aflex for your ongoing commitment to providing the best quality and simply the "best designed" inflatables to SOPAC for a long period of time.

Colin Kane
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, NSW, Australia

Aflex Technology's Aqua Dash, Climb and Slide and 5 m Slide have proven to be a huge success at our brand new pool in Bermuda. Quick and easy to erect, with easy to follow instruction manuals...This past summer they were used time and time again...and were a huge hit! The kids love them and are kept entertained for hours on end!

Amy Fox
Bermuda National Sports Centre, Bermuda

How easy it is to successfully launch a 1.8 metre tall Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoy (SIMB) that is only 30cm tall in the boat! The other significant factor is how long these buoys last. I can’t remember when we bought these but it was years and years ago and there is not a sign of wear or deterioration from life in the tropics! I have certainly proudly showed them off to visiting officials, competitors etc. In the last month we have hosted several Australian and international regattas and all the visiting race officials have been amazed by the Aflex buoys so we have always told them where to buy some!

John Byrne
Townsville Sailing Club, QLD, Australia

We are using one of the new Torpedos you sent us a couple of weeks ago. Can I just say how wonderful it is to see some initiative on these inflatables. I'm referring to bungee cords to prevent tension and the fact that the hose part connecting with the blower is permanently fixed to the inflatable. That is just brilliant and eliminate a few operational issues for us. I truly believe that other companies can learn from you. Well done and thank you for the great service.

Ves Geldenhuys
Aquatics Horowhenua, New Zealand

A big thank you to yourself and the team for helping us pull together our inflatable arches. They looked great on the day and we have had nothing but positive feedback about them.

Janelle Tyler
Fairfax Media, New Zealand

AquaZone has been using Aflex Technology for over 5 years to provide fun and safe pool inflatables for our patrons. We purchased a 40m land based slip n slilde in Nov 2013 which was a massive hit with the kids and parents alike over the summer period. [In 2014 we] purchased a modular inflatable with 4 separate pieces. The modular design makes it easy to set-up and pack up and the mega swing provides a bit of WOW factor at the end. A major asset to Aflex Technology is the procedure manuals and risk mitigating documents that were supplied that helped massively with the OH&S components of these activities. I would recommend Aflex Technology to anyone wanting to purchase inflatables for their facilities.

Jason Maloney
Aquazone, Warrnambool, VIC, Australia

We have had an awesome summer with the Rolling Log. The kids never got tired of it, the adults are having a lot of fun too....a lot of families having a great time trying to cross the log - just like the show 'Wipe Out.' We find it completely safe and very good exercise. Stu is so happy with your excellent service - we're glad we've found you and would recommend your company to anyone.

Stu and Wendy
VIC, Australia,

I appreciate all the help yourself, Yvette and all the staff have given me and making it easy to choose Aflex for our preferred supplier of the past 12 years.

Troy Hughes
Belgravia Leisure,

We have some fantastic feedback regarding the new heavy duty toys, we will certainly be looking at making further purchases in the future. The rings particularly have been very positively accepted and the quality is outstanding! Very happy with the purchase!

Grace D
Joondalup, WA, Australia,

During a time when Cities were closing pools and trying to reduce spending we were able to increase revenue and participation at our facility. The only thing I would do differently is purchase earlier!

Chad Gunter
Folsom, CA, USA,

Aflex offer the whole package from purchasing advice and even made to measure, right through to great aftersales service. They know their customers personally and dealing with them is a real pleasure. Talk directly to the friendly, approachable and very experienced staff at Aflex. Not only will they make suggestions of products which will earn you revenue they will go out of their way to ensure a solution especially for you.

Paul Tredinnick
Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 Aquatic Centre, Blenheim, New Zealand
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