Investing in Inflatables

Aflex inflatables are perfect for: 

✔  Hiring out for birthday parties

✔  Incorporate with school holiday programs

✔  Fun addition to swim school programs 

✔  Team building

✔  Corporate events

An investment not a cost - how can Aflex inflatables benefit my aquatic centre?

Investment in an inflatable is the perfect low cost way for a pool or aquatic centre to rejuvenate the facility and boost profits. Aflex inflatables create a unique attraction with WOW Factor, making your aquatic centre stand out from the crowd and keeping visitors coming back time and time again.


Case Study: Financial Benefits of Inflatables

Success for Folsom Aquatic Centre, California, USA

The Folsom Aquatic Centre in California was looking for a way to create some new excitement in tough economic times. In 2009 they purchased their first Aflex inflatables and created the “Folsom Aquatic Centre Megaplex of Fun”.

By combining the purchase of inflatables with a local marketing strategy they were able to pay off the cost of their inflatables in less than half the time they had budgeted.

We had originally anticipated almost two seasons but managed to recover all expenses within the first summer.

Chad Gunter, Senior Recreation Coordinator

Since purchasing their Aflex inflatables, Folsom Aquatic Centre have seen a steady climb in overall annual revenue due to increases in season pass sales, daily attendance and wristband sales. From 2009 - 2011 they charged $2 per wristband, and increased this fee to $3 in 2012. From 2009-2015 they've sold almost 100,000 wristbands equating to more than $250,000 revenue from wristband sales alone!

During a time when cities were closing pools and trying to reduce spending we were able to  increase revenue and participation at our facility. The only thing I would do differently is purchase earlier!

Chad Gunter, Senior Recreation Coordinator

For more information about the amazing success Folsom have found through the use of Aflex inflatables, check out this article from Aquatics International.

Aflex products increases patronage, providing tangible financial benefits which go straight through to the "bottom line" - valuable revenue producing assets which management can hardly ignore. No matter your budget Aflex inflatables can add a new dimension to your facility.

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