Self Inflating Marker Buoys - no sign of wear or deterioration

Aflex Self Inflating Maker Buoy (SIMB)

We recieved some lovely feedback recently from another happy Self Inflating Marker Buoy (SIMB) customer!

John Byrne of Townsville Sailing Club in Queensland, Australia says of his Aflex SIMBs...

Yours Truly showing how easy to is to successfully launch a 1.8 metre tall Aflex buoy that is only 30cm tall in the boat! Check out consecutive photos. The other significant factor is how long these buoys last. I can’t remember when we bought these but it was years and years ago and there is not a sign of wear or deterioration from life in the tropics! I have certainly proudly showed them off to visiting officials, competitors etc.
Thank you for the wonderful comments, John!

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