Quality Testing and Assurance - See the Results!

Posted on August 26, 2016

You’ve no doubt heard us talk about how we manufacture our inflatables to the highest quality, durability and that we rigorously test our products before they leave our doors. We recently received our latest product component testing results back, and thought it was only fair to share that information with you!

We manufacture our constant airflow inflatables to comply with the Australian Standard 3533.4.5 (INT) for Waterborne Inflatables, and our testing is completed by SAI Global who administer the standards.

We’ve always used very reputable suppliers for our materials, and over our more than 23 years of experience manufacturing inflatables we’ve developed a number of construction techniques and methods that ensure additional durability and quality than many other inflatables you are able to purchase on the market.

The fabric that we use for our constant airflow inflatables was tested for strength – warp measured more than twice the required strength as outlined by the standards and weft more than three times the requirement. The tensile strength of our thread was tested and was 50% over the required level, our rope meets the required level and rubber cord (bungee) was tested to be three times stronger than required to meet the standards. Our anchor points thoroughly exceeded the standards requirements, testing at least 3.3 times stronger than required, and our webbing was tested as almost 3 ½ times stronger than required to meet the standards.

Although aquatic inflatable obstacle courses are heaps of fun, it is important that the product itself is manufactured from high quality materials to the highest standard of craftsmanship – and ensuring that products are compliant with reputable standards is very important. This keeps users safe from unnecessary risk, it means your inflatable will no doubt have a longer life span, and ensures you are purchasing from a trustworthy company.

We think our results speak for themselves – there’s no doubt that Aflex inflatables are an excellent choice!

Pool inflatable - Quality Testing and Assurance - See the Results!
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