Overpass (Low)

The Overpass is a fun bridge inspired challenge for the young ones, helping to increase their water confidence and build skills of balance and agility. 

Product Specifications

  • Range: Pool Obstacle Course Module
  • Location Suitability: Commercial Pools/Aquatic Centres
  • Inflation Type: Sealed
  • Colour: Aflex Blue, Red & Yellow (unless otherwise specified)
  • Product Code: MD-004-00


  • Length: 4 m  (13.1 ft)
  • Width: 1.6 m (5.2 ft)
  • Height: 0.9 m (3 ft)


  • Min Water Depth: 1.05 m (3.4 ft)
  • Calculated based on maximum height of user being 1.2 m (4 ft) tall.
  • Age Suitability: 5 yrs and below
  • Max Capacity: 1 user


  • Blower Type: High Pressure
  • Setup Time: 10 minutes

All details are only suggested guidelines and estimates. For your specific safety requirements, please refer to your local and federal government regulations.
You supply the water, we supply the fun.
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