Connecting Sleeve

Introducing the simplest connecting system available - our unique Connecting Sleeve. Made from welded heavy duty commercial-grade PVC, and…that's it! No Velcro, no buckles, no straps. This unique linkage technology enables you to connect your inflatable Junior modules quickly and easily, without risks of bacteria and rot commonly associated with Velcro. To use, fold in the T-section ends of your modules while deflated, place through the hole in the Connecting Sleeve then unfold the T-section ends. From here, simply inflate each module and your modules will be perfectly connected together. Its as easy as that! We'll supply a video and a handy quick setup guide to make this process super straightforward.

Product Specifications

Range: Retro Junior Series
Colour: Aflex Blue (unless otherwise specified)
Product Code: MD-131-00


Size:  to fit all products within the Junior Series

All details are only suggested guidelines and estimates. For your specific safety requirements, please refer to your local and federal government regulations.
You supply the water, we supply the fun.
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