Aqua Platform

A floating island, the Aqua Platform is a standalone unit that makes a great chill out zone when you're ready for a rest from swimming, running around the waterpark or whatever other activities your facility has on offer! The Aqua Platform is an excellent platform for users to swim out to, jump from and simply hang out. 

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Product Specifications

  • Range: Waterpark Modules - Standalone
  • Location Suitability: Open Water
  • Inflation Type: Sealed
  • Colour: Aflex Blue & Yellow (unless otherwise specified)
  • Product Code: SP-029-00


  • Length:4 m (13'1")
  • Width:4 m (13'1") 
  • Height:0.9 m (3')
  • Approx. Weight:90 kg (198 lbs)


  • Min Water Depth:2 m (6'7")
  • Age Suitability:8+ yrs
  • Max Capacity:6 users at one time
  • This is an estimate based on average youth size
  • Max Total Weight on Product:480 kg (1058 lbs)
  • Splash Zone:3 m (9'10")
  • Splash Zone refers to the minimum open water area around the product.


  • Blower Type:High Pressure
  • Anchor Points:2
  • Setup Time:20 minutes

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