Self Inflating Marker Buoys - an Aflex Innovation!

The innovative Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoy (SIMB) is extremely simple to use and very effective - all without the need for a blower or air pump!

Manufactured from heavy duty, commercial-grade PVC, and with easy to use handles, the SIMB simply inflates itself when deployed in the water. Unlike bulky, pre-inflated products, multiple SIMBs can be easily transported and deployed in place.

  • Easy deployment
  • Fold down for transport and storage
  • Great branding opportunity for high profile events! Aflex SIMBS allow for effective signwriting of a sponsor's name or club name to be seen when the marker buoy is bobbing on the water. 
  • Wind and wave friendly
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised and mildew resistant PVC
  • Do NOT require an air pump, blower or gas tank to inflate!

Many marker buoys consist of bulky bladders within an outer skin which either punctures or continually needs repair. The Self Inflating Marker Buoy revolutionises the speed and ease of laying marker buoys for a enormous range of purposes.

What are some of the uses of my Aflex self Inflating Marker Buoys?

  • All sorts of water-based events including yachting, surf-lifesaving, rowing, canoe and kayak races.
  • Swimming markers
  • Anchor markers
  • Moorings
  • Hazard Warnings
  • And more - the opportunities are endless!

How do I deploy my Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoys?

Deployment is easy! Simply unclip the retainer from around the marker buoy, attach weight to ballast, unfold the buoy to its full length and lower it into the water. It inflates itself easily so you don't need to spend time inflating it on land for transfer to a position on the water. No worries about over-inflating it, either!

What do I need to consider when using Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoys?

The recommended minimum water depth for our standard SIMB designs is 3 m (10 ft). If you would like to use your SIMB in shallower water, simply talk to our friendly sales team, we can customise a solution to suit your needs. Aflex SIMBs are not recommended for use in currents that exceed 3-4 knots.

The SIMB is easily deployed and when not in use rolls into a very small unit for storage. A handy multi-buoy carry bag is supplied with each marker buoy order, or individual carry bags can be purchased on request.

What do your clients say about Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoys (SIMBs)?


How easy it is to successfully launch a 1.8 metre tall Aflex Self Inflating Marker Buoy (SIMB) that is only 30cm tall in the boat! The other significant factor is how long these buoys last. I can’t remember when we bought these but it was years and years ago and there is not a sign of wear or deterioration from life in the tropics! I have certainly proudly showed them off to visiting officials, competitors etc. In the last month we have hosted several Australian and international regattas and all the visiting race officials have been amazed by the Aflex buoys so we have always told them where to buy some!

John Byrne, Townsville Sailing Club, QLD, Australia


The speed of deploying and retrieving the marks far exceeded expectations. Another unexpected benefit was the ability to adjust the height of the marks in the water, to suit the wind strength. The clever weight design and easy clip system makes handling the lines and anchors a breeze and of course storage back at the shed is no longer the waste of space it used to be. We ran over them with almost every yacht in the club, including between the hulls of a tornado and they just bounced right back up. We will certainly not go back to the pre-inflated marks after having these. Would I recommend them? I certainly would!

Steve Newport, President and Chief Mark Layer, Nelson Yacht Club, New Zealand (March 2007)


This is an ingenious system, the weight of the buoy and its sinker causes air to be trapped so it floats some 1.5 m out of the water. The weight of the buoy is 5 kg, to which is attached a short length of chain for stability. Uninflated the buoy is only 900 x 200 mm, it is very easy to carry several on board a small RIB safety boat.

I have been testing the sample buoy over four weekends dropping its anchor into 4-12 metres of water. I set it up using an anchor with 15 m of rope attached to a 2 m loop of 3/8 chain [4m total] attached to the buoy. It was well visible from a kilometer away against the trees in the background.

During the laying tests I ‘accidentally’ dropped the buoy in the water at an angle of 60 degrees, rather than upright, and again with it only held half height from the boat. With the worst handling I could achieve, the buoy still floated one metre out of the water due to the trapped air.

Paul Fitzwarryne, Race Officer, ACT, Australia

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