Rules of Play

It is important to have rules around the use of the inflatable to ensure it remains safe for everyone to use. We suggest the following guidelines to be implemented along with proper supervision and the rules required by law for your facility.

  • Any child using the inflatables should be able to swim at least 1 x length of the pool (or what you decide is an acceptable distance or level). Many companies we sell to have a prerequisite that each child must first show they can swim to a certain standard, with some operators giving out a coloured wrist band for lifeguards to identify those children who qualify to use the equipment. Our┬ástandard inflatables are manufactured a certain width which means that any reasonable swimmer would be able to swim out easily without becoming entrapped under normal circumstances, should they happen to go underneath!
  • Limiting the number of children on the product is important. No user shall approach the inflatable without permission to do so, and users shall step onto the inflatable one at a time.
  • Users are not to behave in a reckless manner and will have no contact with any other user on the inflatable. A strict no diving rule shall be enforced.
  • Any children falling off while traversing the inflatable must exit from the pool on the side they fall off from as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances should swimming under the inflatable be allowed.
  • Lifeguards should be placed effectively to ensure visibility of users at all times on the inflatable. By also limiting the number of users on the inflatable at any one time lifeguarding will be more effective.
  • Other swimmers/pool users shall be kept away from the area where the inflatable is being operated.
  • No over boisterous behaviour that can lead to safety hazards shall be allowed.
  • Do not climb onto the inflatable whilst the inflatable is out of the water.
  • Do not climb onto the inflatable whilst the inflatable is not securely anchored.
  • No-one may take onto the inflatable sharp or dangerous objects such as buckles, pens, keys, knives etc. Glasses are best removed.
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