Aflex Advantages

Customised for You! We offer an enormous array of customisation options for your Aflex inflatables. Including customising the inflatable with your logo, sponsor's logos and more!

Customising Existing Designs

We can easily add, remove or change obstacles along a course to ensure it is safe for use at your location.

Custom Designs from Scratch

Got an idea you would like brought to life? Aflex can probably help. We've completed an enormous amount of custom projects, including the Cartoon Network Inflatable Aqua Park in the Bahamas, the Live More Awesome Guinness World Records World's Longest Slide, and many more!

Curved Side Entry Option

Many of our constant airflow inflatable obstacle courses for pools can be customised to incorporate our unique Curved Entry option, which enables your course to be entered from the side of the pool rather than the shallow or deep end. This option is likely to open up a lot more obstacle options for your pool!

View Curved Entry

Sponsorship & Branding Opportunities

Complete your new inflatable with your pool branding or sponsor's logo on the side...or even a completely custom collaboration!

For some facilities that are working with tight budgets or restricted funding it may seem like investing in an Aflex inflatable is out of reach. However, at Aflex we want to ensure our inflatables are available to leisure centres of all sizes and budgets.

Because we manufacture each of our inflatables specifically for each pool, we can transform your inflatable into a fun floating billboard, incorporating sponsor/s colours, logos, graphics and text. This is a unique and effective marketing opportunity for local businesses, offering them the opportunity to have association rights for a set period of time and highly visible advertising every time the inflatable is in use. What an exciting opportunity for a local business or organisation to get their message seen!

Many of our clients have shown that with just a little bit of effort and the support of like-minded organisations in your area you could have a brand new action-packed inflatable in YOUR facility in no time!

The Advantages for You

  • Have your inflatable in the water sooner rather than later
  • Your inflatable is fully or partly funded, meaning your returns are higher
  • You are providing an opportunity for a local business (or businesses!) to show their support of health and activity within the community

The Advantages for a Sponsor

  • Their name or a brand of their choice visible every time the inflatable is in use
  • The sponsor is supporting health and activity within the community
  • Rights to promote fun events around the inflatable by staging fun days/special events/parties
  • An ideal way to introduce children and parents to their products/service

It's simple and effective, contact us to request a copy of our Sponsorship & Media Kit, to help you get your new Aflex inflatable in the water sooner.

Request Sponsorship & Media Kit

Giant Tubular Challenge and Fun

No other inflatables have the massive 3D action unique to our tubular models! Rising up from the water they are built for maximum fun and challenge in the aquatic environment, and we believe create a much more exciting aqua playground!

View Tubular Designs

Proven to Draw a Crowd

Aflex inflatables are proven to draw a crowd, with some of our clients reporting an 80%+ increase in attendance figures over school holiday periods.

Some facilities charge extra for inflatable use and feedback has shown this to be very profitable with a great community response. Aflex clients have coordinated Sunday-Fundays, season passes, private and commercial hiring, birthday party packages, wristbands for daily inflatable use and more! Other facilities prefer to simply enjoy the regular stream of customers that inflatables attract.

The Aflex inflatables have been a huge success. Over the last 6 weeks of the school holidays our attendance figures were up by approximately 80%. The kids went ballistic on them...we had traffic piling up in the street to have a look - it was a huge sight!

Michael Wise, Dalby Aquatic Centre, QLD, Australia

However you decide to operate your inflatables, more interest and attraction to your location is a given!

Encouraging Healthy and Active Play

For more than 23 years Aflex inflatables have been encouraging children (and adults!) to enjoy being healthy through engaging and active play. Aflex obstacle courses and waterparks also challenge skills including agility, confidence, speed and balance. There are just so many benefits!

The international push to get youth away from sedentary entertainment and into physical activities is fully supported by the values of aquatic centres and inflatables.

Research suggests youth engage in at least one hour of vigorous exercise a day. Aflex inflatables are so fun that users won't even realise how much they are moving - it's a win win situation for all!

Comments flood in from parents, swim teachers, staff and casual patrons regarding how much fun the kids are having.

Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, VIC, Australia

Make Friends for Life

Inflatables are a fantastic introduction for young ones to the aquatic environment. It can sometimes be a struggle teaching children to swim and grow confident in the water, inflatables make the transition from land to water painless and fun. Our aquatic obstacle courses begin children on a lifelong journey with your pool as they develop stronger aquatic skills and return time and time again.

With Aflex inflatables you truly make friends for life!



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