Awesome Inflatable Waterslide

Aflex manufactured the Live More Awesome World’s Longest Inflatable Slide, as verified by Guinness World Records in July 2015! Inspired by this epic slide, we are now offering our impressive new and improved constant airflow waterslides to our clients, available in sections of 15 m (49 ft) that can be linked together using our unique airflow linkage technology to create your own custom-length waterslide. Suitable for an enormous range of outdoor environments and a thrilling adrenaline rush for children and adults alike! 

Aflex Technology World's Longest Inflatable Waterslide from Aflex Technology on Vimeo.

Product Specifications

  • Range: Waterslides for land
  • Location Suitability : Land 
  • Inflation Type: Constant airflow
  • Colour: Choice of stock colours
  • Product Code: WS-001-00


  • Length:15 m (49 ft) sections
  • Width (total):2.0 m (6.6 ft)
  • Width (slide deck):0.9 m (3 ft)
  • Height:0.96 m (3.1 ft)


  • Age Suitability: 6+ yrs

All details are only suggested guidelines and estimates. For your specific safety requirements, please refer to your local and federal government regulations.
You supply the water, we supply the fun
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