I Could Receive an Aquatic Inflatable for Free?

Posted on December 20, 2016

Think you don’t have the budget to purchase an aquatic inflatable obstacle course for your commercial pool? Think again!

Have you ever thought about offering a sponsorship package to a local business/es to bring an inflatable obstacle course to your facility?

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At Aflex, we are working with an increasing number of commercial pools and organisations to create custom-branded aquatic inflatables – incorporating sponsor’s colours, logos, graphics and text, transforming it into a floating billboard. What a unique and effective marketing opportunity for a local business or organisation!

It is a win-win solution – your facility has a fully or partly funded inflatable in the pool sooner, while your sponsor secures highly visible advertising every time the inflatable is in use, their support of community health and activity, rights to promote fun events around the inflatable by staging fun days/special events/parties, all tied up in an impressive and unique way to introduce children and parents to their products/service.

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What benefits will I see from having aquatic inflatables in my commercial pool?

Inflatables promote health through play; challenging agility, confidence, speed and balance, while providing plenty of ‘screen-free’ family fun! You’ll find that aquatic inflatables will attract more visitors to your facility and engage them for longer.

Partnering with a local sponsor effectively doubles your marketing reach as they can promote the inflatable to their customers through their marketing channels (e.g. social media, email database). Many of our clients have seen increases in attendance and revenue since investing in aquatic inflatables.

One Australian client reported more than an 80% increase in patrons, with traffic piling up in the street to have a look, while another client in California, charging an additional $2-$3 for use of the inflatables, has seen more than $250,000 in additional revenue from their inflatables alone since 2009.

Aquatic Inflatable Obstacle Course for Commercial Pool - Aflex Technology Supplier

THREE Quick Actions you can take right now to get an Aflex aquatic inflatable in your commercial pool this summer!


  1. Grab a pen and paper and write down ten local businesses or organisations in your area that might be interested in either fully or partly funding an aquatic inflatable obstacle course for your commercial pool. Consider radio stations, kids clothing stores, toy stores, cafes/restaurants, youth groups, schools,childcare centres, local retail brands and more.
  2. Highlight the three organisations you would like to work with the most, and make contact! Be sure to sell the benefits, explain what the products are and that they are very eye-catching, tell them the size of the inflatables, how often they will be used and how visible their branding will be. Talk about naming rights, and how their business name can be included in any promotion you organize around the inflatable, for example why not start ‘The Bob’s Bakery Aquatic Challenge’?
  3. Contact Aflex Technology for an obligation-free quote. With over 23 years supplying engaging, New Zealand-made inflatables to hundreds of pools in Australia, you can trust our awesome team to supply a suitable inflatable solution especially for you!

Contact us today for a complimentary copy of our sponsorship kit and an obligation-free quote.


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