5 Reasons Kids Love Plantation Island (hint: there's an Aflex Waterpark!)

We saw this article about one of our waterpark clients over the weekend and had to share! Plantation Island Resort in Fiji is renowned as a top choice for family holidays, and only more so since installing their Aflex Aqua Adventure inflatable aqua park earlier this year!

Aflex Aqua Park Plantation Island Resort Fiji

"Whether you’re young or old, a Fiji holiday means being in, on, or near the water. Plantation Island makes the most of its spectacular setting (the resort likes to bill itself as a “3 star resort in a 5 star location”) with a huge variety of water sports and attractions. The star of the show is the Water Park launched in February 2016, with six modules of safe kids’ fun including a spring-free aqua trampoline."

Click here to read the full article on the Flight Centre Blog.

Interested in installing your own Aflex Aqua Park? Click here to find out more about our Aqua Adventure Series Waterparks.


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