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Is a waterpark business profitable?

Success for Folsom Aquatic Centre, California, USA

The Folsom Aquatic Centre in California was looking for a way to create some new excitement in tough economic times. In 2009 they purchased their first Aflex inflatables and created the “Folsom Aquatic Centre Megaplex of Fun”.

By combining the purchase of inflatables with a local marketing strategy they were able to pay off the cost of their inflatables in less than half the time they had budgeted.

We had originally anticipated almost two seasons but managed to recover all expenses within the first summer.
Chad Gunter, Senior Recreation Coordinator

Since purchasing their Aflex inflatables, Folsom Aquatic Centre have seen a steady climb in overall annual revenue due to increases in season pass sales, daily attendance and wristband sales. From 2009 - 2011 they charged $2 per wristband and increased this fee to $3 in 2012. From 2009-2015 they've sold almost 100,000 wristbands equating to more than $250,000 revenue from wristband sales alone!

During a time when cities were closing pools and trying to reduce spending we were able to increase revenue and participation at our facility. The only thing I would do differently is purchase earlier!
Chad Gunter, Senior Recreation Coordinator

How does having an inflatable waterpark or obstacle course draw a crowd?

Aflex inflatables are proven to draw a crowd, with some of our clients reporting an 80%+ increase in attendance figures over school holiday periods.

Some facilities charge extra for inflatable use and feedback has shown this to be very profitable with a great community response. Aflex clients have coordinated Sunday-Fundays, season passes, private and commercial hiring, birthday party packages, wristbands for daily inflatable use and more!

The Aflex inflatables have been a huge success. Over the last 6 weeks of the school holidays our attendance figures were up by approximately 80%. The kids went ballistic on them...we had traffic piling up in the street to have a look - it was a huge sight!
Michael Wise, Dalby Aquatic Centre, QLD, Australia

What is the difference between Sealed and Constant Airflow Inflatables?

Constant airflow inflatables are machine-stitched and require a blower to continuously pump air through the inflatable to keep it firm. The obstacle course is kept inflated via a standard 6m air inlet tube attached to the blower.

Sealed inflatables are hot air welded or glued and when inflated are completely airtight. This includes our sealed modular inflatables and toys & games. 

Do I need to worry about product height, obstacle height and slide height?

The obstacle and slide height are important to ensure your inflatables will be suitable in the pools water depth.

What is the minimum water depth for Aflex inflatables?

We adhere to minimum water depths as per the Australian Standard AS3533.4.5 calculation.

Minimum water depth = (platform height in metres + 1.8m (average height of user)) /2
E.g. Minimum water depth for 1.1m high slide
(1.1m + 1.8m)/2 = 1.45m

How long does it take to inflate the products?

Allow 10-15 minutes for average constant airflow inflatables. Sealed modular inflatables may take slightly longer depending on sizes and number of products.

How do I set up Aflex constant airflow inflatables?

Refer to our video showing how to set up Aflex constant airflow inflatables.

How do I set up Aflex sealed inflatables?

Refer to our video showing how to set up Aflex sealed inflatables.

I've lost my Aflex Operations Guide, what should I do?

We supply an Aflex Operations Guide with all inflatable orders. If you've misplaced yours - no worries - simply click here to get in touch and we'll supply you with a new one.

How should I store my inflatables?

We recommend storing inflatables only when they are completely dry. After lifting from the water, wipe dry with towels. For constant airflow inflatables, leave inflated on the side of the pool with the blower still attached and running to help dry out the product from the inside. For long term storage we recommend storing on a trolley to keep it off the ground.

How many lifeguards do I need for Aflex aquatic inflatables?

Each facility will need to undertake their own risk assessment to determine the placement and numbers of lifeguards.

What is the lifespan of an Aflex inflatable?

Aflex inflatables will remain in good condition for 3 years on average with regular use (i.e. most weekends and school holidays). We have some clients who have been using their inflatables for well over 5 years.

How do I take the best care of my Aflex inflatables?

Ensure products are dried well after use, rolled up and lifted carefully onto a trolley for storage. Do not drag your inflatables. Your Aflex Operations Guide provided with your product includes a full checklist as to how to take the best care of your inflatables. View the following instructional video for more information.

How do I repair a hole or a rip in my inflatable?

Minor abrasions are easily repaired with patches and glue. Refer to your Aflex Operations Guide for repairing instructions or contact Aflex. Refer to the above 'Caring for Your Inflatables' video for instructions to repair a hole in your inflatable.

How do I prevent mildew in the inflatable?

Mildew is not usually a problem if the inflatable is stored correctly. The easiest way to prevent mildew is to ensure the inflatable is not stored wet. It is very easy to dry by simply leaving the inflatable on the pool-side after use, with the blower still running. The warm air is pumped in and it dries from the inside very quickly. Excess water on the outside can be dried off with towels.

Will the thread rot and the stitching come apart?

At Aflex we use extremely heavy-duty, synthetic, rot-proof thread and specially designed multiple-seaming techniques incorporating several rows of stitching to ensure an extremely durable product.

How do I know if the correct air pressure is being used for my inflatable?

An easy method to check if the air pressure is correct is to ensure that the inflated tubes or pads are tight to walk on. It is important that the correct pressure is maintained for the safety of users and for prolonging the lifespan of the inflatable.

How many children should be on the inflatable at any one time?

This depends on a number of different factors including the size of the inflatable. Refer to product information sheet supplied with your inflatable for details.

What accessories will I need for my Aflex inflatables?

Our friendly sales team will ensure you will have all of the required accessories for your inflatable/s. Generally a blower/pump and carry sheet or trolley are necessary. View our accessories page here:

Air was coming through from my constant airflow inflatable. Is this normal?

This is not an issue as the products are well stitched together. A certain amount of air will escape through the stitching.

My water park is in a tropical climate and after a month in the water now has growth on it Is this normal and how do I clean my inflatables?

Yes, this is normal however no growth should be allowed to form.  Regularly cleaning the underside of the products with a leather glove will prevent growth forming and enhance the life or you inflatables. This can easily be managed with a maintenance programme.

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