Do you know how much revenue an inflatable can generate?

Investment in an inflatable is the perfect low cost way for a pool or aquatic centre to rejuvenate the facility and boost profits.

More visitors

A fun floatable pool feature will transform your center into a destination.

More Revenue

Attract more visitors and increase revenue for your pool with our exciting inflatable Modular or Airflow obstacle courses and fun pool toys.

More Fun

Experts at finding the right solution for your pool-we’re here to help with every step.

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Case Study: Financial Benefits of Inflatables 

The Folsom Aquatic Centre in California was looking for a way to create some new excitement in tough economic times.
In 2009 they purchased their first Aflex inflatables and created the “Folsom Aquatic Centre Megaplex of Fun”.

From 2009 - 2011 they charged $2 per wristband, increased this fee to $3 in 2012.

From 2009-2015 they've sold almost 100,000 wristbands equating to more than $250,000 revenue from wristband sales alone!

Making a splash since 1993

Aflex products are in 18+ countries across five continents, and are enjoyed by thousands of people every single day.

We are the leading supplier of commercial pool inflatables in New Zealand and Australia, and are a popular choice in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Pacific and beyond!

“During a time when Cities were closing pools and trying to reduce spending we were able to increase revenue and participation at our facility.”

Chad Gunter
California, USA  

“I would not operate a public pool without offering an Aflex inflatable session on the weekly schedule.”

Ian Thomson
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia